Property Taxes for Towns in Sussex County, New Jersey

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Tax Assessor Information

Sussex County, New Jersey Property Tax Rates

Municipality2020 General Tax2020 Effective Tax
Andover Boro3.0082.956
Andover Twp3.7373.393
Branchville Boro2.2922.255
Byram Twp3.5743.323
Frankford Twp2.6522.404
Franklin Boro3.9753.725
Fredon Twp2.9753.
Green Twp3.543.235
Hamburg Boro4.2843.879
Hampton Twp2.9862.653
Hardyston Twp2.8952.697
Hopatcong Boro3.3372.813
Lafayette Twp2.8632.611
Montague Twp2.9192.692
Newton Town4.4233.79
Ogdensburg Boro3.7133.632
Sandyston Twp2.7192.433
Sparta Twp3.43.095
Stanhope Boro4.243.76
Stillwater Twp3.2092.805
Sussex Boro3.2583.067
Vernon Twp3.133.062
Walpack Twp.752.579
Wantage Twp2.7672.644

Sussex County, New Jersey Tax Assessors

TownTax AssessorPhone #
Andover BoroJoe Ferraris908-852-9333
Andover TwpJohn Marchione973-948-7335
Branchville BoroKristy Lockburner973-827-9230
Byram TwpPenny Holenstein973-875-7193
Frankford TwpJason Laliker973-293-7465
Franklin BoroScott Holzhauer973-383-4280
Fredon TwpKristen Umansky973-948-3520
Green TwpPenny Holenstein973-770-1200
Hamburg BoroJason Laliker973-786-6688
Hampton TwpJoe Ferraris973-729-2626
Hardyston TwpScott Holzhauer973-383-3812
Hopatcong BoroTherese Depierro973-347-2500
Lafayette TwpJason Laliker973-764-4055
Montague TwpJason Laliker973-383-1817
Newton TownScott Holzhauer973-293-7300
Ogdensburg BoroKathy Kieb973-383-9484
Sandyston TwpKathy Kieb973-823-7020
Sparta TwpJoe Ferraris973-383-3521
Stanhope BoroJason Laliker973-827-9280
Stillwater TwpPenny Holenstein973-383-7025
Sussex BoroKristy Lockburner973-827-3712
Vernon TwpKristen Umansky973-948-4626
Walpack TwpMaureen Kaman973-875-7193
Wantage TwpKristy Lockburner973-347-0159

Sussex County, NJ Property Tax Map
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