Vermont Median Rental Costs by Town

Last updated: October 27, 2022

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Median Rents for Vermont Towns and Cities

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CityRental CostMargin of Error
Addison, VT$1,592$223
Albany, VT$735$264
Alburgh, VT$963$56
Andover, VT$1,354$319
Arlington, VT$1,200$405
Athens, VT$744$291
Barnard, VT$1,114$113
Barnet, VT$839$50
Barre (city), VT$775$63
Barre (town), VT$1,001$96
Barton, VT$741$108
Bennington, VT$876$53
Benson, VT$743$88
Berkshire, VT$950$368
Berlin, VT$1,167$388
Bethel, VT$825$142
Bolton, VT$1,213$409
Bradford, VT$940$122
Braintree, VT$907$189
Brandon, VT$826$85
Brattleboro, VT$845$40
Bridgewater, VT$818$122
Bridport, VT$940$55
Brighton, VT$671$55
Bristol, VT$1,051$86
Brookfield, VT$992$260
Brookline, VT$1,175$87
Brownington, VT$788$169
Burke, VT$783$50
Burlington, VT$1,279$50
Cabot, VT$906$206
Calais, VT$1,521$536
Cambridge, VT$977$54
Canaan, VT$716$152
Castleton, VT$799$455
Cavendish, VT$1,044$150
Charleston, VT$836$188
Charlotte, VT$1,729$503
Chelsea, VT$867$295
Chester, VT$800$372
Chittenden, VT$829$77
Clarendon, VT$908$251
Colchester, VT$1,161$101
Concord, VT$832$252
Corinth, VT$1,072$133
Cornwall, VT$1,220$224
Coventry, VT$751$247
Craftsbury, VT$888$285
Danby, VT$865$184
Danville, VT$721$273
Derby, VT$806$175
Dorset, VT$742$216
Dover, VT$935$707
Dummerston, VT$1,263$116
Duxbury, VT$950$250
East Haven, VT$1,542$353
East Montpelier, VT$972$231
Eden, VT$1,125$616
Elmore, VT$696$488
Enosburgh, VT$773$124
Essex, VT$1,276$75
Fair Haven, VT$826$118
Fairfax, VT$1,143$109
Fairfield, VT$888$284
Fairlee, VT$1,128$55
Fayston, VT$1,332$75
Ferrisburgh, VT$1,141$336
Fletcher, VT$838$265
Franklin, VT$739$86
Georgia, VT$1,570$839
Glover, VT$773$129
Grafton, VT$850$148
Grand Isle, VT$1,000$360
Granville, VT$967$308
Greensboro, VT$718$172
Groton, VT$535$147
Guildhall, VT$1,107$64
Guilford, VT$862$38
Hancock, VT$846$10
Hardwick, VT$907$669
Hartford, VT$1,052$98
Hartland, VT$979$143
Highgate, VT$895$585
Hinesburg, VT$1,195$161
Hubbardton, VT$983$168
Huntington, VT$1,295$696
Hyde Park, VT$884$199
Irasburg, VT$598$449
Isle La Motte, VT$1,042$494
Jamaica, VT$980$64
Jay, VT$1,125$711
Jericho, VT$1,077$485
Johnson, VT$891$118
Killington, VT$1,181$257
Kirby, VT$681$310
Leicester, VT$1,143$524
Lincoln, VT$881$147
Londonderry, VT$999$123
Lowell, VT$923$317
Ludlow, VT$847$66
Lunenburg, VT$829$145
Lyndon, VT$801$197
Manchester, VT$674$123
Marlboro, VT$940$31
Marshfield, VT$960$306
Mendon, VT$1,137$167
Middlebury, VT$977$129
Middlesex, VT$1,694$705
Middletown Springs, VT$1,031$292
Milton, VT$1,270$174
Monkton, VT$1,426$99
Montgomery, VT$732$83
Montpelier, VT$1,060$68
Moretown, VT$892$106
Morgan, VT$736$247
Morristown, VT$928$52
Mount Holly, VT$934$135
Mount Tabor, VT$825$129
New Haven, VT$1,089$111
Newark, VT$1,344$82
Newbury, VT$982$206
Newfane, VT$1,045$144
Newport, VT$818$70
Newport, VT$1,050$118
North Hero, VT$1,175$627
Northfield, VT$857$162
Norwich, VT$903$212
Orange, VT$1,028$407
Orwell, VT$957$57
Panton, VT$1,417$188
Pawlet, VT$782$24
Peacham, VT$950$393
Peru, VT$1,063$215
Pittsfield, VT$908$147
Pittsford, VT$998$260
Plainfield, VT$953$26
Plymouth, VT$1,048$228
Pomfret, VT$1,833$934
Poultney, VT$815$79
Pownal, VT$819$288
Proctor, VT$948$84
Putney, VT$997$133
Randolph, VT$956$78
Reading, VT$1,052$228
Richford, VT$936$60
Richmond, VT$945$466
Ripton, VT$1,393$331
Rochester, VT$788$499
Rockingham, VT$872$65
Roxbury, VT$781$560
Royalton, VT$1,056$202
Rupert, VT$727$19
Rutland (city), VT$800$36
Rutland (town), VT$974$54
Salisbury, VT$1,011$373
Sandgate, VT$1,156$239
Shaftsbury, VT$781$54
Sharon, VT$989$153
Sheffield, VT$831$297
Shelburne, VT$1,371$182
Sheldon, VT$1,204$159
Shoreham, VT$1,014$117
Shrewsbury, VT$1,142$117
South Burlington, VT$1,426$60
South Hero, VT$1,250$125
Springfield, VT$846$57
St. Albans, VT$1,062$77
St. Albans, VT$1,185$147
St. George, VT$1,161$285
St. Johnsbury, VT$762$49
Stamford, VT$850$377
Starksboro, VT$1,386$259
Stockbridge, VT$932$255
Stowe, VT$1,075$146
Strafford, VT$1,031$298
Stratton, VT$1,375$650
Sutton, VT$1,038$117
Swanton, VT$893$302
Thetford, VT$1,245$275
Tinmouth, VT$1,016$742
Topsham, VT$918$66
Townshend, VT$1,121$94
Troy, VT$1,047$286
Tunbridge, VT$829$192
Underhill, VT$1,000$164
Vergennes, VT$966$106
Vernon, VT$823$193
Vershire, VT$1,125$403
Waitsfield, VT$833$389
Walden, VT$950$532
Wallingford, VT$851$120
Waltham, VT$1,607$379
Wardsboro, VT$915$276
Warren, VT$792$181
Washington, VT$991$125
Waterbury, VT$954$121
Waterford, VT$1,266$453
Waterville, VT$850$201
Weathersfield, VT$1,028$400
Wells, VT$860$116
West Fairlee, VT$924$92
West Haven, VT$800$97
West Rutland, VT$883$149
West Windsor, VT$1,108$187
Westfield, VT$793$334
Westford, VT$865$310
Westminster, VT$894$327
Westmore, VT$867$171
Weston, VT$785$735
Weybridge, VT$1,007$90
Wheelock, VT$881$408
Whiting, VT$874$448
Whitingham, VT$932$96
Williston, VT$1,522$260
Wilmington, VT$876$170
Windham, VT$1,375$1,366
Windsor, VT$959$94
Winhall, VT$905$685
Winooski, VT$1,231$112
Wolcott, VT$817$188
Woodbury, VT$1,034$308
Woodford, VT$956$115
Woodstock, VT$973$128
Worcester, VT$958$206
Source: U.S. Census Bureau. 2016-2020 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates

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