New Hampshire Median Rental Costs by Town

Last updated: October 20, 2022

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Median Rents for New Hampshire Towns and Cities

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CityRental CostMargin of Error
Acworth, NH$1,146$518
Albany, NH$900$89
Alexandria, NH$930$671
Allenstown, NH$785$121
Alstead, NH$803$172
Amherst, NH$1,155$77
Andover, NH$987$536
Antrim, NH$976$94
Ashland, NH$1,009$173
Atkinson, NH$1,779$737
Auburn, NH$1,875$1,006
Barnstead, NH$1,167$126
Barrington, NH$1,630$380
Bartlett, NH$962$235
Bath, NH$775$239
Bedford, NH$1,705$153
Belmont, NH$885$319
Bennington, NH$955$189
Benton, NH$1,125$439
Berlin, NH$673$77
Bethlehem, NH$635$121
Boscawen, NH$1,024$345
Bow, NH$1,197$196
Bradford, NH$1,025$253
Brentwood, NH$1,313$961
Bridgewater, NH$1,125$96
Bristol, NH$845$48
Brookline, NH$1,402$289
Campton, NH$780$216
Canaan, NH$983$132
Candia, NH$1,695$117
Carroll, NH$874$109
Center Harbor, NH$1,039$314
Charlestown, NH$1,041$160
Chesterfield, NH$790$185
Chichester, NH$1,286$305
Claremont, NH$979$54
Clarksville, NH$850$627
Colebrook, NH$691$83
Columbia, NH$1,077$84
Concord, NH$1,104$27
Conway, NH$962$93
Cornish, NH$1,104$109
Croydon, NH$1,179$348
Dalton, NH$857$402
Danbury, NH$1,080$143
Danville, NH$1,601$382
Deerfield, NH$1,428$470
Derry, NH$1,199$40
Dorchester, NH$1,083$443
Dover, NH$1,184$50
Dublin, NH$1,085$177
Dummer, NH$550$340
Dunbarton, NH$967$327
Durham, NH$1,126$76
Eaton, NH$906$425
Effingham, NH$1,063$246
Enfield, NH$1,321$109
Epping, NH$1,397$244
Epsom, NH$1,020$199
Exeter, NH$1,235$78
Farmington, NH$1,041$200
Fitzwilliam, NH$989$157
Francestown, NH$1,327$117
Franconia, NH$838$78
Franklin, NH$889$108
Fremont, NH$1,648$558
Gilford, NH$994$182
Gilmanton, NH$1,516$272
Gilsum, NH$1,288$228
Goffstown, NH$1,148$122
Gorham, NH$663$104
Goshen, NH$1,071$343
Grafton, NH$1,000$221
Grantham, NH$1,198$843
Greenfield, NH$478$452
Greenland, NH$1,992$401
Greenville, NH$1,046$114
Groton, NH$1,054$176
Hampstead, NH$902$195
Hampton Falls, NH$1,768$201
Hampton, NH$1,236$108
Hancock, NH$881$334
Hanover, NH$1,687$134
Haverhill, NH$970$94
Hebron, NH$1,089$288
Henniker, NH$841$100
Hill, NH$1,304$709
Hillsborough, NH$962$195
Hinsdale, NH$957$253
Holderness, NH$1,662$813
Hollis, NH$1,557$308
Hooksett, NH$1,434$175
Hopkinton, NH$1,067$148
Hudson, NH$1,300$254
Jackson, NH$1,318$657
Jaffrey, NH$873$65
Jefferson, NH$728$495
Keene, NH$1,018$76
Kensington, NH$1,385$168
Kingston, NH$1,164$86
Laconia, NH$991$69
Lancaster, NH$757$50
Landaff, NH$1,100$145
Langdon, NH$870$194
Lebanon, NH$1,243$150
Lee, NH$1,098$182
Lempster, NH$911$444
Lincoln, NH$971$214
Lisbon, NH$778$71
Litchfield, NH$1,643$248
Littleton, NH$733$28
Londonderry, NH$1,397$159
Loudon, NH$1,131$106
Lyman, NH$950$348
Lyme, NH$1,550$343
Lyndeborough, NH$1,417$177
Madbury, NH$1,309$457
Madison, NH$996$197
Manchester, NH$1,160$22
Marlborough, NH$1,035$280
Marlow, NH$955$146
Mason, NH$2,107$603
Meredith, NH$1,215$122
Merrimack, NH$1,564$79
Middleton, NH$844$423
Milan, NH$934$52
Milford, NH$1,310$49
Milton, NH$788$577
Monroe, NH$783$10
Mont Vernon, NH$1,542$691
Moultonborough, NH$1,397$149
Nashua, NH$1,309$38
Nelson, NH$917$92
New Boston, NH$1,085$93
New Castle, NH$2,688$117
New Durham, NH$1,145$30
New Hampton, NH$976$117
New Ipswich, NH$877$450
New London, NH$1,332$114
Newbury, NH$406$44
Newfields, NH$1,844$361
Newington, NH$3,501$100
Newmarket, NH$1,297$78
Newport, NH$1,068$147
Newton, NH$1,041$124
North Hampton, NH$1,594$243
Northfield, NH$882$74
Northumberland, NH$708$50
Northwood, NH$966$114
Nottingham, NH$1,089$286
Orange, NH$1,417$230
Orford, NH$1,197$155
Ossipee, NH$703$578
Pelham, NH$1,214$118
Pembroke, NH$1,102$120
Peterborough, NH$822$160
Piermont, NH$950$453
Pittsburg, NH$499$381
Pittsfield, NH$774$109
Plainfield, NH$1,538$221
Plaistow, NH$1,278$137
Plymouth, NH$890$307
Portsmouth, NH$1,353$68
Randolph, NH$1,013$337
Raymond, NH$1,297$212
Richmond, NH$1,385$143
Rindge, NH$924$103
Rochester, NH$1,071$46
Rollinsford, NH$1,061$117
Rumney, NH$738$185
Rye, NH$1,210$197
Salem, NH$1,277$103
Salisbury, NH$1,117$163
Sanbornton, NH$1,054$207
Sandown, NH$1,673$294
Sandwich, NH$1,675$178
Seabrook, NH$1,201$162
Sharon, NH$1,333$266
Shelburne, NH$950$24
Somersworth, NH$1,153$53
South Hampton, NH$994$867
Stark, NH$733$271
Stewartstown, NH$593$268
Stoddard, NH$1,411$183
Strafford, NH$1,036$374
Stratford, NH$610$120
Stratham, NH$1,638$196
Sugar Hill, NH$775$456
Sullivan, NH$1,161$433
Sunapee, NH$1,250$151
Surry, NH$1,363$61
Sutton, NH$1,341$252
Swanzey, NH$1,268$159
Tamworth, NH$861$171
Temple, NH$1,239$237
Thornton, NH$1,168$96
Tilton, NH$892$262
Troy, NH$938$72
Tuftonboro, NH$1,006$240
Unity, NH$1,196$161
Wakefield, NH$889$98
Walpole, NH$978$226
Warner, NH$1,047$74
Warren, NH$915$583
Washington, NH$995$504
Waterville Valley, NH$1,047$136
Weare, NH$1,441$184
Wentworth, NH$1,114$216
Westmoreland, NH$1,099$118
Whitefield, NH$825$140
Wilmot, NH$1,029$258
Wilton, NH$1,117$79
Winchester, NH$937$67
Windham, NH$2,645$147
Windsor, NH$1,000$312
Wolfeboro, NH$920$103
Woodstock, NH$1,279$369
Source: U.S. Census Bureau. 2016-2020 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates

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