2020 New Hampshire Property Tax Rates

Updated: August 14, 2022

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New Hampshire Towns 2020 Real Estate Tax Ratios

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TownTotal 2020
Tax Rate
% Change from 2019
Acworth, NH29.371.03%
Albany, NH12.05-13.74%
Alexandria, NH27.9216.14%
Allenstown, NH29.3-5.79%
Alstead, NH24.42-12.32%
Alton, NH13.9511.51%
Amherst, NH28.485.64%
Andover, NH21.34-1.39%
Antrim, NH28.555.86%
Ashland, NH28.431.72%
Atkinson, NH18.343.79%
Auburn, NH18.48-1.75%
Barnstead, NH23.11.18%
Barrington, NH22.770.44%
Bartlett, NH9.663.43%
Bath, NH22.866.82%
Bedford, NH20.025.65%
Belmont, NH25.341.32%
Bennington, NH29.391.59%
Benton, NH17.91.30%
Berlin, NH35.93-9.77%
Bethlehem, NH25.2-5.72%
Boscawen, NH26.79-4.73%
Bow, NH25.58-2.40%
Bradford, NH23.86-14.51%
Brentwood, NH23.19-16.28%
Bridgewater, NH8.38-14.14%
Bristol, NH20.69-9.25%
Brookfield, NH17.182.87%
Brookline, NH27.8-6.93%
Campton, NH24.274.57%
Canaan, NH34.44.46%
Candia, NH20.047.74%
Canterbury, NH27.59-1.00%
Carroll, NH21.256.25%
Center Harbor, NH15.330.72%
Charlestown, NH38.65-1.18%
Chatham, NH13.42-5.49%
Chester, NH20.53-1.30%
Chesterfield, NH22.611.30%
Chichester, NH23.18-0.94%
Claremont, NH40.721.14%
Clarksville, NH16.264.57%
Colebrook, NH27.78-7.80%
Columbia, NH16.07-15.06%
Concord, NH26.76-3.67%
Conway, NH16.32-5.77%
Cornish, NH21.299.07%
Croydon, NH13.96-28.63%
Dalton, NH24.131.13%
Danbury, NH240.00%
Danville, NH26.3-6.27%
Deerfield, NH19.67-14.89%
Deering, NH24.81-18.97%
Derry, NH24.34-6.81%
Dixville (U), NH6.6-16.67%
Dorchester, NH20.86-0.10%
Dover, NH24.85-1.35%
Dublin, NH24.630.00%
Dummer, NH16.3315.32%
Dunbarton, NH22.28-18.12%
Durham, NH27.731.09%
East Kingston, NH22.4-0.53%
Easton, NH11.86-8.70%
Eaton, NH14.2618.34%
Effingham, NH21.25-21.00%
Ellsworth, NH15.06-27.03%
Enfield, NH25.451.60%
Epping, NH23.64-14.66%
Epsom, NH21.83-19.42%
Errol, NH13.25-1.34%
Exeter, NH24.495.24%
Farmington, NH22.923.06%
Fitzwilliam, NH25.76-2.76%
Francestown, NH25.866.99%
Franconia, NH18.5-2.53%
Franklin, NH22.841.65%
Freedom, NH10.67-21.31%
Fremont, NH23.13-25.51%
Gilford, NH15.03-5.23%
Gilmanton, NH23.21.80%
Gilsum, NH25.75-8.07%
Goffstown, NH24.820.98%
Gorham, NH31.85-5.69%
Goshen, NH22.97-17.61%
Grafton, NH26.85-15.49%
Grantham, NH23.46-9.28%
Greenfield, NH27.15-0.44%
Greenland, NH16.581.10%
Greenville, NH23.17-15.41%
Groton, NH18.167.90%
Hampstead, NH21.552.67%
Hampton, NH15.93-0.50%
Hampton Falls, NH21.35-3.44%
Hancock, NH26.226.59%
Hanover, NH18.681.25%
Harrisville, NH17.681.61%
Haverhill, NH28.41-6.24%
Hebron, NH9.6-0.93%
Henniker, NH31.24-11.60%
Hill, NH25.691.10%
Hillsborough, NH28.73-8.97%
Hinsdale, NH34.150.23%
Holderness, NH13.583.11%
Hollis, NH23.180.35%
Hooksett, NH22.514.45%
Hopkinton, NH29.250.45%
Hudson, NH21.375.37%
Jackson, NH10.99-2.40%
Jaffrey, NH27.53-20.89%
Jefferson, NH22.552.55%
Keene, NH37.28-0.85%
Kensington, NH20.555.60%
Kingston, NH20.88-5.09%
Laconia, NH19.72-4.23%
Lancaster, NH24.74-0.64%
Landaff, NH23.142.98%
Langdon, NH26.94-3.09%
Lebanon, NH27.09-10.80%
Lee, NH31.861.17%
Lempster, NH24.84-9.04%
Lincoln, NH15.455.97%
Lisbon, NH33.9210.60%
Litchfield, NH18.58-21.44%
Littleton, NH21.65-6.28%
Londonderry, NH20.113.71%
Loudon, NH22.990.04%
Lyman, NH21.42-11.23%
Lyme, NH26.66-1.95%
Lyndeborough, NH21.34-26.77%
Madbury, NH25.25-15.44%
Madison, NH15.3-16.21%
Manchester, NH24.661.40%
Marlborough, NH31.470.00%
Marlow, NH29.71-6.92%
Mason, NH27.012.93%
Meredith, NH14.02-11.77%
Merrimack, NH24.06-0.29%
Middleton, NH28.277.57%
Milan, NH20.08-15.24%
Milford, NH25.37-2.31%
Milton, NH22.16-5.94%
Monroe, NH11.985.64%
Mont Vernon, NH26.582.94%
Moultonborough, NH7.13-0.28%
Nashua, NH22.613.91%
Nelson, NH18.879.39%
New Boston, NH24.09-3.83%
New Castle, NH6.31.78%
New Durham, NH16.88-28.84%
New Hampton, NH17.95-6.70%
New Ipswich, NH21.25-2.21%
New London, NH14.941.56%
Newbury, NH16.524.03%
Newfields, NH21.243.16%
Newington, NH9.895.89%
Newmarket, NH25.464.95%
Newport, NH33.11.75%
Newton, NH20.9-20.77%
North Hampton, NH16.911.26%
Northfield, NH22.77-4.33%
Northumberland, NH33.011.76%
Northwood, NH17.77-21.09%
Nottingham, NH18.76-16.62%
Orange, NH24.81-6.73%
Orford, NH26.13-12.84%
Ossipee, NH17.05-0.35%
Pelham, NH20.24.12%
Pembroke, NH24.64.33%
Penacook, NH29.93-12.23%
Peterborough, NH30.843.66%
Piermont, NH19.79-25.32%
Pittsburg, NH15.75-1.56%
Pittsfield, NH24.72-24.77%
Plainfield, NH25.4-2.31%
Plaistow, NH21.651.60%
Plymouth, NH28.491.06%
Portsmouth, NH14.7-1.08%
Randolph, NH15.12.03%
Raymond, NH26.2-1.47%
Richmond, NH23.71-1.98%
Rindge, NH22.45-19.13%
Rochester, NH24.61-1.16%
Rollinsford, NH24.689.16%
Roxbury, NH25.370.36%
Rumney, NH23.944.36%
Rye, NH10.220.00%
Salem, NH22.020.18%
Salisbury, NH24.66.31%
Sanbornton, NH20.184.99%
Sandown, NH27.662.60%
Sandwich, NH14.471.69%
Seabrook, NH15.971.40%
Sharon, NH22.62.17%
Shelburne, NH15.741.94%
Somersworth, NH27.852.09%
South Hampton, NH18.996.39%
Springfield, NH19.58-10.96%
Stark, NH18-0.39%
Stewartstown, NH23.620.17%
Stoddard, NH16.418.68%
Strafford, NH25.659.29%
Stratford, NH26.934.62%
Stratham, NH18.951.72%
Sugar Hill, NH21.587.52%
Sullivan, NH26.2618.02%
Sunapee, NH13.84-13.12%
Surry, NH28.42-1.73%
Sutton, NH24.87-17.35%
Swanzey, NH25.68-0.31%
Tamworth, NH22.484.36%
Temple, NH24.167.00%
Thornton, NH20.117.66%
Tilton, NH18.47-5.81%
Troy, NH28.264.86%
Tuftonboro, NH9.56-5.44%
Unity, NH27.78-2.49%
Wakefield, NH12.38-0.72%
Walpole, NH25.660.59%
Warner, NH28.4-5.21%
Warren, NH23.08-2.90%
Washington, NH21.091.20%
Waterville Valley, NH14.250.78%
Weare, NH23.951.01%
Webster, NH22.191.05%
Wentworth, NH25.7610.94%
Westmoreland, NH25.4-5.40%
Whitefield, NH26.229.07%
Wilmot, NH21.14-13.68%
Wilton, NH29.391.21%
Winchester, NH28.77-19.28%
Windham, NH19.13-15.17%
Windsor, NH9.81-16.93%
Wolfeboro, NH13.01-17.87%
Woodstock, NH19.95-8.02%
(U) = Unincorporated

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