2020 New Hampshire Property Tax Rates

Updated: Sept. 29, 2021

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The assessed value of a property, along with its municipality's tax rate, is used to calculate the property tax to be paid.
Property assessments are required to be set no later than April 1st of each calendar year.
Generally towns hire professional assessors to complete their town-wide assessments.
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New Hampshire Towns 2020 Real Estate Tax Ratios

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TownTotal 2020
Tax Rate
% Change from 2019
Acworth, NH29.371.03%
Albany, NH12.05-13.74%
Alexandria, NH27.9216.14%
Allenstown, NH29.3-5.79%
Alstead, NH24.42-12.32%
Alton, NH13.9511.51%
Amherst, NH28.485.64%
Andover, NH21.34-1.39%
Antrim, NH28.555.86%
Ashland, NH28.431.72%
Atkinson, NH18.343.79%
Auburn, NH18.48-1.75%
Barnstead, NH23.11.18%
Barrington, NH22.770.44%
Bartlett, NH9.663.43%
Bath, NH22.866.82%
Bedford, NH20.025.65%
Belmont, NH25.341.32%
Bennington, NH29.391.59%
Benton, NH17.91.30%
Berlin, NH35.93-9.77%
Bethlehem, NH25.2-5.72%
Boscawen, NH26.79-4.73%
Bow, NH25.58-2.40%
Bradford, NH23.86-14.51%
Brentwood, NH23.19-16.28%
Bridgewater, NH8.38-14.14%
Bristol, NH20.69-9.25%
Brookfield, NH17.182.87%
Brookline, NH27.8-6.93%
Campton, NH24.274.57%
Canaan, NH34.44.46%
Candia, NH20.047.74%
Canterbury, NH27.59-1.00%
Carroll, NH21.256.25%
Center Harbor, NH15.330.72%
Charlestown, NH38.65-1.18%
Chatham, NH13.42-5.49%
Chester, NH20.53-1.30%
Chesterfield, NH22.611.30%
Chichester, NH23.18-0.94%
Claremont, NH40.721.14%
Clarksville, NH16.264.57%
Colebrook, NH27.78-7.80%
Columbia, NH16.07-15.06%
Concord, NH26.76-3.67%
Conway, NH16.32-5.77%
Cornish, NH21.299.07%
Croydon, NH13.96-28.63%
Dalton, NH24.131.13%
Danbury, NH240.00%
Danville, NH26.3-6.27%
Deerfield, NH19.67-14.89%
Deering, NH24.81-18.97%
Derry, NH24.34-6.81%
Dixville (U), NH6.6-16.67%
Dorchester, NH20.86-0.10%
Dover, NH24.85-1.35%
Dublin, NH24.630.00%
Dummer, NH16.3315.32%
Dunbarton, NH22.28-18.12%
Durham, NH27.731.09%
East Kingston, NH22.4-0.53%
Easton, NH11.86-8.70%
Eaton, NH14.2618.34%
Effingham, NH21.25-21.00%
Ellsworth, NH15.06-27.03%
Enfield, NH25.451.60%
Epping, NH23.64-14.66%
Epsom, NH21.83-19.42%
Errol, NH13.25-1.34%
Exeter, NH24.495.24%
Farmington, NH22.923.06%
Fitzwilliam, NH25.76-2.76%
Francestown, NH25.866.99%
Franconia, NH18.5-2.53%
Franklin, NH22.841.65%
Freedom, NH10.67-21.31%
Fremont, NH23.13-25.51%
Gilford, NH15.03-5.23%
Gilmanton, NH23.21.80%
Gilsum, NH25.75-8.07%
Goffstown, NH24.820.98%
Gorham, NH31.85-5.69%
Goshen, NH22.97-17.61%
Grafton, NH26.85-15.49%
Grantham, NH23.46-9.28%
Greenfield, NH27.15-0.44%
Greenland, NH16.581.10%
Greenville, NH23.17-15.41%
Groton, NH18.167.90%
Hampstead, NH21.552.67%
Hampton, NH15.93-0.50%
Hampton Falls, NH21.35-3.44%
Hancock, NH26.226.59%
Hanover, NH18.681.25%
Harrisville, NH17.681.61%
Haverhill, NH28.41-6.24%
Hebron, NH9.6-0.93%
Henniker, NH31.24-11.60%
Hill, NH25.691.10%
Hillsborough, NH28.73-8.97%
Hinsdale, NH34.150.23%
Holderness, NH13.583.11%
Hollis, NH23.180.35%
Hooksett, NH22.514.45%
Hopkinton, NH29.250.45%
Hudson, NH21.375.37%
Jackson, NH10.99-2.40%
Jaffrey, NH27.53-20.89%
Jefferson, NH22.552.55%
Keene, NH37.28-0.85%
Kensington, NH20.555.60%
Kingston, NH20.88-5.09%
Laconia, NH19.72-4.23%
Lancaster, NH24.74-0.64%
Landaff, NH23.142.98%
Langdon, NH26.94-3.09%
Lebanon, NH27.09-10.80%
Lee, NH31.861.17%
Lempster, NH24.84-9.04%
Lincoln, NH15.455.97%
Lisbon, NH33.9210.60%
Litchfield, NH18.58-21.44%
Littleton, NH21.65-6.28%
Londonderry, NH20.113.71%
Loudon, NH22.990.04%
Lyman, NH21.42-11.23%
Lyme, NH26.66-1.95%
Lyndeborough, NH21.34-26.77%
Madbury, NH25.25-15.44%
Madison, NH15.3-16.21%
Manchester, NH24.661.40%
Marlborough, NH31.470.00%
Marlow, NH29.71-6.92%
Mason, NH27.012.93%
Meredith, NH14.02-11.77%
Merrimack, NH24.06-0.29%
Middleton, NH28.277.57%
Milan, NH20.08-15.24%
Milford, NH25.37-2.31%
Milton, NH22.16-5.94%
Monroe, NH11.985.64%
Mont Vernon, NH26.582.94%
Moultonborough, NH7.13-0.28%
Nashua, NH22.613.91%
Nelson, NH18.879.39%
New Boston, NH24.09-3.83%
New Castle, NH6.31.78%
New Durham, NH16.88-28.84%
New Hampton, NH17.95-6.70%
New Ipswich, NH21.25-2.21%
New London, NH14.941.56%
Newbury, NH16.524.03%
Newfields, NH21.243.16%
Newington, NH9.895.89%
Newmarket, NH25.464.95%
Newport, NH33.11.75%
Newton, NH20.9-20.77%
North Hampton, NH16.911.26%
Northfield, NH22.77-4.33%
Northumberland, NH33.011.76%
Northwood, NH17.77-21.09%
Nottingham, NH18.76-16.62%
Orange, NH24.81-6.73%
Orford, NH26.13-12.84%
Ossipee, NH17.05-0.35%
Pelham, NH20.24.12%
Pembroke, NH24.64.33%
Penacook, NH29.93-12.23%
Peterborough, NH30.843.66%
Piermont, NH19.79-25.32%
Pittsburg, NH15.75-1.56%
Pittsfield, NH24.72-24.77%
Plainfield, NH25.4-2.31%
Plaistow, NH21.651.60%
Plymouth, NH28.491.06%
Portsmouth, NH14.7-1.08%
Randolph, NH15.12.03%
Raymond, NH26.2-1.47%
Richmond, NH23.71-1.98%
Rindge, NH22.45-19.13%
Rochester, NH24.61-1.16%
Rollinsford, NH24.689.16%
Roxbury, NH25.370.36%
Rumney, NH23.944.36%
Rye, NH10.220.00%
Salem, NH22.020.18%
Salisbury, NH24.66.31%
Sanbornton, NH20.184.99%
Sandown, NH27.662.60%
Sandwich, NH14.471.69%
Seabrook, NH15.971.40%
Sharon, NH22.62.17%
Shelburne, NH15.741.94%
Somersworth, NH27.852.09%
South Hampton, NH18.996.39%
Springfield, NH19.58-10.96%
Stark, NH18-0.39%
Stewartstown, NH23.620.17%
Stoddard, NH16.418.68%
Strafford, NH25.659.29%
Stratford, NH26.934.62%
Stratham, NH18.951.72%
Sugar Hill, NH21.587.52%
Sullivan, NH26.2618.02%
Sunapee, NH13.84-13.12%
Surry, NH28.42-1.73%
Sutton, NH24.87-17.35%
Swanzey, NH25.68-0.31%
Tamworth, NH22.484.36%
Temple, NH24.167.00%
Thornton, NH20.117.66%
Tilton, NH18.47-5.81%
Troy, NH28.264.86%
Tuftonboro, NH9.56-5.44%
Unity, NH27.78-2.49%
Wakefield, NH12.38-0.72%
Walpole, NH25.660.59%
Warner, NH28.4-5.21%
Warren, NH23.08-2.90%
Washington, NH21.091.20%
Waterville Valley, NH14.250.78%
Weare, NH23.951.01%
Webster, NH22.191.05%
Wentworth, NH25.7610.94%
Westmoreland, NH25.4-5.40%
Whitefield, NH26.229.07%
Wilmot, NH21.14-13.68%
Wilton, NH29.391.21%
Winchester, NH28.77-19.28%
Windham, NH19.13-15.17%
Windsor, NH9.81-16.93%
Wolfeboro, NH13.01-17.87%
Woodstock, NH19.95-8.02%
(U) = Unincorporated
2020 NH Property Tax Rates:
Tax Rate Less Than 15 < 15 Tax Rate Between 15 and 25 15 to 25 Tax Rate Between 25 and 30 25 to 30 Tax Rate More Than 30 > 30
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