Property Taxes for Towns in Cumberland County, New Jersey

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Tax Assessor Phone Numbers

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Municipality2019 General Tax Rate2019 Effective Tax Rate
Bridgeton City, NJ4.8714.276
Commercial Twp, NJ2.282.841
Deerfield Twp, NJ3.5733.397
Downe Twp, NJ2.1862.582
Fairfield Twp, NJ2.4932.839
Greenwich Twp, NJ3.5453.437
Hopewell Twp, NJ3.3523.001
Lawrence Twp, NJ2.8152.856
Maurice River Twp, NJ2.6382.766
Millville City, NJ3.443.206
Shiloh Boro, NJ2.8422.895
Stow Creek Twp, NJ3.1762.882
Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ3.1253.112
Vineland City, NJ2.8872.666

Cumberland County, NJ Property Tax Map

Tax Assessor Contact Phone Numbers

Town Tax Assessor Phone #
Bridgeton CityKevin Maloney856-455-3230
Commercial TwpBrian Rosenberge856-785-3100
Deerfield TwpLisa Perella856-455-3200
Downe TwpBrian Rosenberge856-447 3100
Fairfield TwpMichelle Behm856-453-3167
Greenwich TwpLois Mazza856-455-8828
Hopewell TwpLois Mazza856-455-1230
Lawrence TwpLisa Perella856-447-3065
Maurice River TwpKevin Maloney856-785-1120
Millville CityBrian Rosenberge856-825-7000
Shiloh BoroLois Mazza856-455-3054
Stow Creek TwpDonna Harris856-451-8365
Upper Deerfield TwpBrian Rosenberge856-451-3811
Vineland CityBrian Conover856-794-4031