Property Taxes for Towns in Salem County, New Jersey

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Tax Assessor Phone Numbers

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Municipality2019 General Tax Rate2019 Effective Tax Rate
Alloway, NJ3.0432.931
Carneys Point, NJ3.3753.344
Elmer, NJ3.6343.612
Elsinboro, NJ2.7823.115
Lower Alloway Creek, NJ1.5671.207
Mannington, NJ3.0963.014
Oldmans, NJ2.7292.642
Penns Grove, NJ5.034.978
Pennsville, NJ4.2614.29
Pilesgrove, NJ3.1543.249
Pittsgrove, NJ3.5733.262
Quinton, NJ2.8533.162
Salem, NJ7.0696.112
Upper Pittsgrove, NJ2.6322.798
Woodstown, NJ3.5983.719

Salem County, NJ Property Tax Map

Tax Assessor Contact Phone Numbers

Town Tax Assessor Phone #
Alloway TwpLisa Perella856-935-4080
Carneys Point TwpKathleen Hill856-299-0070
Elmer BoroGregory Busa856-358-4010
Elsinboro TwpMarie Procacci856-381-3800
Lower Alloways Creek TwpLisa Perella856-935-1549
Mannington TwpDonna Harris856-935-6999
Oldmans TwpMichael Raio856-299-6600
Penns Grove BoroMarie Procacci856-299-0098
Pennsville TwpMarie Procacci856-678-3089
Pilesgrove TwpKathleen Hill856-769-3222
Pittsgrove TwpLisa Perella856-358-2300
Quinton TwpBrian Rosenberger856-935-1998
Salem CityMarie Procacci856-935-2024
Upper Pittsgrove TwpMichael Raio856-358-3890
Woodstown BoroGreg Busa856-769-2200