Property Taxes for Towns in Morris County, New Jersey

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Tax Assessor Phone Numbers

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Municipality2019 General Tax2019 Effective Tax
Boonton Town3.0292.843
Boonton Twp2.3152.095
Butler Boro3.6542.81
Chatham Boro2.1041.626
Chatham Twp1.8541.635
Chester Boro2.6532.733
Chester Twp2.3622.251
Denville Twp2.4862.299
Dover Town2.7272.556
East Hanover Twp2.3461.76
Florham Park Boro1.541.477
Hanover Twp1.8251.628
Harding Twp1.1521.02
Jefferson Twp2.6662.671
Kinnelon Boro2.5862.548
Lincoln Park Boro2.7662.652
Long Hill Twp2.3922.257
Madison Boro1.9731.627
Mendham Boro2.2472.1
Mendham Twp2.1582.11
Mine Hill Twp2.642.547
Montville Twp2.3882.157
Morris Plains Boro1.8331.756
Morris Twp2.3422.027
Morristown Town2.8822.155
Mount Arlington Boro3.2053.023
Mount Olive Twp2.7052.397
Mountain Lakes Boro2.6352.286
Netcong Boro2.9283.121
Parsippany-Troy Hills Twp2.9482.452
Pequannock Twp2.3852.059
Randolph Twp2.5952.465
Riverdale Boro1.8831.749
Rockaway Boro3.0882.954
Rockaway Twp2.8532.767
Roxbury Twp2.582.735
Victory Gardens Boro2.7082.55
Washington Twp2.6122.546
Wharton Boro2.9192.847

Morris County, NJ Property Tax Map

Tax Assessor Contact Phone Numbers

Town Tax Assessor Phone #
Boonton TownScott Holzhauer973-402-9410
Boonton TwpMark Burek973-402-4004
Butler BoroJohn Gillooly973-838-7200
Chatham BoroTherese De Pierro973-635-0674
Chatham TwpGlen Sherman973-635-4600
Chester BoroJohn K. Marchione908-879-5361
Chester TwpAnna Maria Mcdougal908-879-5100
Denville TwpIrene Stefanacci973-625-8300
Dover TownGlen Sherman973-366-2200
East Hanover TwpKevin Esposito973-428-3009
Florham Park BoroJohn Murray973-410-5353
Hanover TwpJames Kreitz973-428-2494
Harding TwpAnthony Di Rado973-267-8000
Jefferson TwpRaymond Tighe973-208-6104
Kinnelon BoroRobert Edgar973-838-5401
Lincoln Park BoroChristopher Lauver973-270-2063
Madison BoroMary Baratto973-593-3067
Mendham BoroScott Holzhauer973-543-7152
Mendham TwpScott Holzhauer973-543-4555
Mine Hill TwpJoseph Ferraris973-366-9031
Montville TwpChristopher Lauver973-331-3307
Morris TwpKathryn Viarengo973-326-7380
Morris Plains BoroScott Holzhauer973-538-2444
Morristown TownKevin Esposito973-292-6667
Mountain Lakes BoroRick Delguercio201-493-6535
Mount Arlington BoroJohn Marchione973-398-6832
Mount Olive TwpJohn Marchione973-691-0900
Netcong BoroJoseph Mckeon973-347-0252
Parsippany-Troy Hills TwpDaniel Cassese973-263-4272
Long Hill TwpBrett Trout908-647-8000
Pequannock TwpRobert Sweeney973-835-5700
Randolph TwpGlen Sherman973-537-7129
Riverdale BoroJohn Gillooly973-835-4060
Rockaway BoroJason Cohen973-627-2000
Rockaway TwpMark Burek973-983-2819
Roxbury TwpJoseph Mc Keon973-448-2021
Victory Gardens BoroMark Burek973-366-5312
Washington TwpJacqueline Cardini908-876-8329
Wharton BoroGlen Sherman973-361-8444