Property Taxes for Towns in Somerset County, New Jersey

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Tax Assessor Phone Numbers

The General Tax Rate is used to calculate tax on a property. It is equal to $10 per $1000 of the assessed value. The general tax rate is used to compute the tax on a property.

The Effective Tax Rate is used to compare one district to another. The effective tax rate isn't used to calculate the property tax.

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Municipality2019 General Tax Rate2019 Effective Tax Rate
Bedminster, NJ1.3751.347
Bernards, NJ2.0341.975
Bernardsville, NJ2.0382.02
Bound Brook, NJ3.2373.08
Branchburg, NJ2.1552.113
Bridgewater, NJ2.0962.026
Far Hills, NJ1.3571.358
Franklin, NJ2.2322.187
Green Brook, NJ2.612.557
Hillsborough, NJ2.3592.276
Manville, NJ3.2673.118
Millstone, NJ2.9162.752
Montgomery, NJ3.0982.515
North Plainfield, NJ3.8083.6
Peapack Gladstone, NJ1.871.868
Raritan, NJ2.552.298
Rocky Hill, NJ2.3532.299
Somerville, NJ3.6353.219
South Bound Brook, NJ3.4033.108
Warren, NJ2.0382.023
Watchung, NJ2.0752.055

Somerset County, NJ Property Tax Map

Tax Assessor Contact Phone Numbers

Town Tax Assessor Phone #
Bedminster TwpEdward Kerwin908-212-7029
Bernards TwpDavid Centrelli908-204-3082
Bernardsville BoroEdward Kerwin908-766-3850
Bound Brook BoroMichael Imbriaco732-356-0833
Branchburg TwpFrances Kuczynski908-526-1300
Bridgewater TwpAnthony Dirado908-725-6300
Far Hills BoroEdward Kerwin908-234-0611
Franklin TwpRichard Carabelli732-873-2500
Green Brook TwpLaura Whitaker732-968-1023
Hillsborough TwpDebra Blaney908-369-4313
Manville BoroGeorge Sopko908-725-9478
Millstone BoroChris Lauver201-920-3293
Montgomery TwpGlenn Stives908-359-8211
North Plainfield BoroBarb Flaherty908-769-2906
Peapack/Gladstone BoroEdward Kerwin908-234-2254
Raritan BoroAnthony Dirado908-231-1300
Rocky Hill BoroGeorge Sopko908-722-5554
Somerville BoroBrett Trout908-725-2300
South Bound Brook BoroBarbara Flaherty732-356-0258
Warren TwpEdward Kerwin908-753-8000
Watchung BoroEdward Kerwin908-756-3366