2019 Property Taxes for Towns in Warren County, New Jersey

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Tax Assessor Phone Numbers

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Municipality2019 General Rate2019 Effective Rate
Allamuchy, NJ2.9382.576
Alpha, NJ3.2323.325
Belvidere, NJ5.7383.899
Blairstown, NJ2.4162.37
Franklin, NJ3.0063.071
Frelinghuysen, NJ2.5022.526
Greenwich, NJ3.2582.749
Hackettstown, NJ3.0443.127
Hardwick, NJ3.2582.688
Harmony, NJ2.4412.204
Hope, NJ2.9322.717
Independence, NJ3.362.84
Knowlton, NJ3.4712.92
Liberty, NJ3.0512.853
Lopatcong, NJ2.9622.907
Mansfield, NJ3.4243.085
Oxford, NJ4.1013.631
Phillipsburg, NJ4.0153.83
Pohatcong, NJ3.8933.699
Washington, NJ5.1554.14
Washington, NJ3.63.462
White, NJ2.1462.121

Tax Assessor Contact Phone Numbers

TownTax AssessorPhone #
Allamuchy TwpRich Motyka908-852-5132
Alpha BoroKathy Degan908-454-0088
Belvidere TownDavid Gill908-475-3924
Blairstown TwpRich Motyka908-362-6643
Franklin TwpCraig Brotons908-689-3853
Frelinghuysen TwpDavid Gill908-852-4121
Greenwich TwpJennifer Carabelli908-859-0909
Hackettstown TownJason Cohen908-852-3130
Hardwick TwpDavid Gill908-362-6528
Harmony TwpRich Motyka908-213-1600
Hope TwpRich Motyka908-459-5011
Independence TwpAnn Marie Mcdougal908-637-4133
Knowlton TwpRich Motyka908-496-4783
Liberty TwpPenny Holenstein908-637-4579
Lopatcong TwpRobert Sweeney908-859-3355
MansfieldJason Laliker908-689-6151
Oxford TwpRich Motyka908-453-3380
Phillipsburg TownCraig Brotons908-454-5500
Pohatcong TwpJennifer Carabelli908-475-6121
Washington BoroCraig Brotons908-689-3600
Washington TwpCraig Brotons908-689-7200
White TwpMichelle Trivigno908-475-3279