2019 Property Taxes for Towns in Mercer County, New Jersey

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Tax Assessor Phone Numbers

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Municipality2019 General Tax Rate2019 Effective Tax Rate
East Windsor, NJ3.2553.091
Ewing, NJ3.3693.511
Hamilton, NJ2.8352.694
Hightstown, NJ4.293.829
Hopewell Borough, NJ2.9812.796
Hopewell Township, NJ2.8142.636
Lawrence, NJ2.8652.631
Pennington, NJ2.6972.614
Princeton, NJ2.3722.043
Robbinsville, NJ2.9572.764
Trenton, NJ5.4465.034
West Windsor, NJ2.7722.535

Mercer County, NJ Property Tax Map

Tax Assessor Contact Phone Numbers

Town Tax Assessor Phone #
East WindsorDavid Levy609-443-4000
EwingJeffrey Burd609-883-2900
HamiltonDonald Kosul609-890-3654
HightstownKenneth Pacera609-490-0062
Hopewell BoroChristopher Fuges609-737-9194
Hopewell TownshipDaniel Keough609-737-0607
LawrenceKen Pacera609-844-7040
PenningtonMarianne Busher609-737-0276
TrentonDebra Fox609-989-3083
RobbinsvilleGregory Busa609-426-0045
West WindsorLorraine Jones609-799-2400
PrincetonNeal Snyder609-924-1084